Paint-less Dent Removal

What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Removal or PDR, the greener, cheaper and quickest option when considering car panel repair. At CarDent we can remove most dents in vehicle panels without the need for painting once the paint is not damaged; our trained technicians use specialized tools to gently massage and remove a dent from the damaged area and return the vehicle panel to its original shape, keeping the original paintwork intact. No expensive painting is necessary during or after this repair method. With most people wanting to contribute in reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment from harmful influences, PDR is not only the greener option; it should become the first option when considering car panel repairs. If the paint is damaged and the dent area is large SMART repair can be used in conjunction with a PDR repair to minimize the painting area.  

PDR by Cardent:

CarDent is a fully insured long standing family run business with 40 years experience in the Auto Body Repair industry; we take great pride in our work. Providing your vehicle is not seriously damaged, you can save up to 80% on conventional repairs by using the techniques available with painitless dent removal.
It is our intention to introduce low cost Auto Body Repairs for light to medium damage on all vehicles using the following procedures: Paintless Dent Removal, SMART Repairs, Headlamp Refurbishment, Plastic Bumper Repair and Machine Polishing. With Paintless Dent Removal you are thinking and caring about our environment. Just view the BMW images in Gallery to see what can be achieved with Paint-less dent removal. Please take a minute to review these techniques through out our website which can be visited by using the link below.

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